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Shipping and Delivery Policy

Thank you for choosing Sky Serf Shipping for your shipping needs. Our Shipping and Delivery Policy outlines the terms and conditions associated with the shipping of your goods.

Shipping Process:

1. Booking:
   - To initiate a shipment, customers must visit our website at and follow the easy booking process.
   - Provide accurate and complete information, including pickup and delivery addresses, contact details, and a detailed description of the items being shipped.

2. Confirmation:
   - Once the booking is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique tracking or reference number for your shipment.
   - Verify the details in the confirmation email to ensure accuracy.

3. Pickup:
   - Our team will coordinate with you to schedule the pickup of your shipment at the designated address.
   - Please ensure that the items are securely packed and ready for transportation at the scheduled time.

4. Tracking:
   - You can track the status of your shipment using the provided tracking or reference number on our website.

Delivery Process:

1. Estimated Delivery Time:
   - The estimated delivery time will be (3 to 7 days) or will be provided at the time of booking. This is an estimate and may be subject to change due to factors beyond our control.

2. Delivery Attempt:
   - Our delivery team will make reasonable attempts to deliver your shipment to the specified address.
   - If delivery is unsuccessful, we will make additional attempts or contact you for further instructions.

3. Recipient Presence:
   - A recipient or an authorized person must be present at the delivery address to receive the shipment. Proof of identity may be required.

4. Delivery Confirmation:
   - Upon successful delivery, you will receive a delivery confirmation via email, including the date and time of delivery and the name of the recipient.

Shipping and Delivery Terms:

1. Delivery Areas:
   - Our shipping services are available within specified areas. Please check our website or contact us for details on service coverage.

2. Shipping Charges:
   - Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight, dimensions, and destination of the shipment. The applicable charges will be provided during the booking process.

3. Address Accuracy:
   - Customers are responsible for providing accurate and complete shipping information. Any additional charges incurred due to incorrect information will be the customer's responsibility.

Contact Information:

- Email:
- Contact Number: +91 9898649440
- Address: 250 Jahirabad, Kanai, Himatnagar (Sabarkantha)

For any inquiries or assistance related to Shipping and Delivery, please don't hesitate to reach out to us through the provided contact information.

Thank you for choosing Sky Serf Shipping. We appreciate your trust in our services.

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